Women Over 30 Share What They Wish They Knew In Their 20s

Can't stress no. 4 enough.

It's amazing how much can change in a decade. If you're in your 30s, you may look back at your 20s and find your life unrecognizable as your habits, interests, lifestyle, and even relationships may taken a completely different form. 

If nothing else, time will always help change your perspective on things, and sometimes you can't help but look back and cringe at all the mistakes you made in your 20s. 

Comedian and actress Eliza Skinner took to Twitter to ask women over 30 to share what they wish they'd known in their 20s.


If you're currently a 20-something, treat yourself to gems of wisdom and warnings. If you're past that stage, celebrate in knowing you've made it this far and gained some unforgettable lessons. In any case, read on for some of the wisest responses to the tweet. 

1. Digital creeping is still creeping.

2. Don't be afraid of getting older.

3. Just because he's older doesn't mean he's more mature.

4. Respect your hustle.

5. Don't force what should come natural — like a relationship.

6. It's OK to walk away from whatever does not suit you.

7. It's not always about you.

8. There is more to life than getting married.

9. Trust your gut. Even if it doesn't make much sense.

10. Fake it until you make it.

11. No matter what, enjoy the ride.

Cover image via Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

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