These Women Were Tired Of Society Judging Their Looks — So They Bought A Gun

Don't worry — the gun is pink.

It begins as a normal conversation between three friends in a cafe. All three friends are worried about getting old and being judged solely on their looks.

Crow's feet, gray hairs and sagging skin ... how can we stop getting old?

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Introducing a new anti-aging product that is a revolver used to shoot yourself when you turn 45.

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You'll never have to worry about looking old ... because you'll be dead.

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It's an easy product to use.

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And what is the reaction of the women who find out about the product? Well ...

... they love how easy it is to shoot yourself in the head.

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And the best part: the bullets are pink!

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This entire story was a parody beauty commercial created by YouTube producers Benny Fine and Rafi Fine, better known as the Fine Brothers. Although this video was satirical, the message behind the video is very real.

Women are constantly being judged solely on their looks and it has a pervasively negative effect on all walks of life. To make matters worse, women are hounded with constant messages about the threats of getting older and how they must look younger. This anti-aging bombardment is anxiety-inducing. And for many women, the social norms of beauty and looking young, including the double standard of female sexuality, can be too much to handle. It is no wonder women experience more depression and have more suicide attempts than men. Our society must change these backwards social norms that lead many women down a dark path.

Watch the full video:


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