Woman Finds A Poem From When She Was 7-Years-Old, Wins The Internet With One Verse

Hallmark should hire her, like, now.

When you're a kid, you don't care if you can't draw a proper human or write the snappiest verse. For as long as you know, you're the Michelangelo, Shakespeare and a seasonal superhero combined. Then you grow up and it all becomes silly.

But delving into memories can bring that joy back. That's exactly what this woman discovered when she found the poem her mom kept for 25 years! Back when she was seven (and a half!) years old, Sarah wrote this loving tribute to her mother. Today she shared it on reddit and the response was heartwarming.


Following Sarah's example, reddit community members started sharing their moments of providence. Read the best bits below!

ostawookie dropped her 1st grade rhyme bomb: "Moms are great Cuz they fill your plate. They're #1, Because they're all fun!"

meldrew1 gave us more reasons to awww: "I still have a card from my daughter telling me she "will always hug me and say good-night". I want to be buried with it."

Eoiny celebrates her dad: "My dad is mean, He cooks us beans, He's hairier Than Wolverine."

And for the best part, PeoplesBard even recorded a song based on Sarah's poem! Listen below.

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