Muslim Woman Appears On Fox News In Patriotic Hijab, Lays Down The Law

This is great.

One way to battle bigotry is to be bold and outlandish and — well — patriotic. For Saba Ahmed, a 30-year-old Muslim lawyer from Washington, D.C., that's exactly what she did.

The woman appeared on Fox News' "The Kelly File" this week to discuss Islamophobia, terrorism and ISIS in the wake of the attacks in Paris. And, in a bold and not-so-subtle move, she wore a hijab covered in the American flag logo. It appeared to be a direct response to the many people that think Muslims are somehow un-American or can't be patriotic.

One of the major topics of discussion was that in the wake of attacks some have called for the federal government to get involved in shutting down specific mosques that may be a threat.

"Megyn, we go to mosques to pray," Ahmed said. "It's absolutely horrifying to hear that our constitutional rights of free exercise of religion are now going to be challenged just because somebody thinks there may be some attendees who disagree with your views."

Ahmed, who is the founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, also discussed presidential candidate Donald Trump's frequent dealings with Muslim communities despite his calls to shut down mosques. 

Along with calls for closing mosques, many have also argued over the prospect of continuing to let Syrian refugees into America. In France, the president has announced that he will proceed with allowing another 30,000 Syrian refugees into the country over the next two years.

Meanwhile, U.S. Congress is expected to meet this week to discuss the possibility of shutting down America's refugee program. 


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