Woman Live Tweets Possible Blossoming Romance Between Two Strangers On A Plane

"We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread ..."

On their flight home to Dallas, Texas, all Rosey Blair and her boyfriend, Houston Hardaway, wanted to do was sit together. So they asked a woman to switch seats with Blair, and the stranger happily obliged.


The couple joked that "maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life," and whether it was a self-fulfilling prophecy or just ridiculously good luck, what happened next was straight out of a romantic comedy

A man sat down next to the woman, and they immediately hit it off.

After accidentally setting up the perfect mile-high meet-cute, Blair live-tweeted and Instagram-storied the whole encounter.

According to the social media receipts, the man and woman — who both happened to be personal trainers — bonded over a shared love of fitness and vegetarian food. 

They also touched each other's arms a few times, allowing Blair to sneak a peek at their hands. Neither wore a wedding ring ...

Over the course of the flight, the man and woman shared fitness tips, photographs of their families, and the pinnacle of in-flight romance: a cheese board.

It. Was. On.

If there were any skeptics still unconvinced that love was in the air(plane), Blair kept the updates coming — and they did not disappoint.

With the flight soon coming to an end, it seems like both people knew it was time to shoot their shot.

Then, the duo started talking about what they wanted out of life. Blair noted that "marriage," and "kids" were both topics of discussion, though the man reportedly said "he's been too dedicated to fitness to purse relationships." 

Perhaps he didn't realize it, but he was just waiting to meet the right person in the right seat on the right airplane ...

Right before the plane landed, the two followed each other on Instagram. Though that's not as official as giving each other their phone numbers, it does show a mutual desire to stay in touch.

Eventually, the flight ended, but the man and woman stayed together as they went through baggage claim.

According to Blair and her boyfriend's Instagram sleuthing, the man and woman are both single and live in Texas. Is a happy ending in sight? Well, the internet is certainly rooting for one. 

Since Blair posted her Twitter thread on July 3, it has since received more than 823,000 likes and 328,000 retweets. Many of her Instagram followers even commented on her story with pictures of themselves reacting to each update, which Blair also posted to Twitter. 

One person who came across Blair's thread and had the best reaction to the love story was the man featured in it.

Euan Holden identified himself as the man on the plane, though according to a subsequent tweet from Blair, "our mystery woman is still unsure about the spotlight but feels positively about all of this." 

While the future of Holden and the woman is unknown, their sweet story proves that anything is possible if you're open to new opportunities, or at the very least, a new airplane seat.  

A Plus has reached out to Rosey Blair for comment. 

Cover image via  Skycolors I Shutterstock

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