He Opened His Birthday Gift, And Found Adoption Papers From His Stepdaughter

"You’ve been my dad."


There are lots of special things you can give a parent for a birthday, but one young woman gave her stepdad the most meaningful gift of all. 

Gabby Guardado gave her stepdad, David Lynde, adoption papers the day he turned 53.

ABC News reported that Lynde  had been a big part of the 22-year-old's life ever since he married her mom, Lori Ann Lynde.

Guardado wanted to make things official so she wrapped up the adoption papers like a present.

In the video, Guardado asks Lynde if he knows what he's holding as he flicks through the papers. It is so satisfying to see his reaction change when he begins to realize what he has in his hands.

"I want you to adopt me. You've been my dad. I know legal papers don't change anything."

The pair are both overcome with emotion and embrace for a long hug.

As Guardado says, the legal papers don't really change anyone's relationship, but signing those papers can be a very meaningful thing for families. 

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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