Woman Shares What Love Looks Like As You Get Older

"Watch how he treats you when Instagram isn't looking. That is where the signs are."

What do you think love looks like? For one woman, it's not about showy gestures or gifts — it's about cups of coffee, attempts at homework, and "how he treats you when Instagram isn't looking." 

Amy Betters-Midtvedt, co-author of the blog, Hiding in the Closet With Coffee, recently shared a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page on October 30 that details "what your knight in shining armor looks like when you are in your 40s." Attached to the post is a blurry photo of Betters-Midtvedt's husband, standing at the entrance of a grocery store.

On that day, Betters-Midtvedt couldn't pay for her groceries, because she left her wallet at home. 

"Not sure you can tell, but he's smiling at me. Yup ... he had to leave work and he is smiling. His only words of admonishment were, 'You're not supposed to be grocery shopping; I said I'd go this week.' Seriously."

With that, Betters-Midtvedt delves into a conversation about true love "when you're old." She says that love also looks like "a full pot of coffee every morning because coffee is love," pre-made lunches, helping out around the house while This Is Us is on, and "a super patient dad doing the 5-year-old's homework with him every morning so I can get to work on time."

After a few more points, Betters-Midtvedt offers up pieces of advice for those looking for love, or who are already in it. 

"Do not be fooled by big, showy promposals and giant cards with candy bars glued to them with some cute saying or by your name spelled in pepperoni by a boy who's asking you to homecoming," she says. While that may be well and good in some instances, she notes: "Watch how he treats you when Instagram isn't looking. That is where the signs are."

And finally, circling back to her current situation, she concludes: 

"Choose the man who will carry your too heavy flowered backpack in public because he will also be the man who bails you out at ALDI's when you're 40-? with a smile and a hug. And that my friends is true love."

Since sharing her post, people have responded with their own love stories, too, which is certainly enough to warm anyone's heart. 

"The man who I met when I had just turned 19 and I said I didn't have 'time' for a relationship continued to be there. We have been together for 13 [plus] years and married for almost 10 years," one person writes in their story.

Check out more in the post above.

Cover photo by João Silas on Unsplash 

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