This One Photo Is Proof Random Acts Of Kindness Matter

We hope they get in touch.

From making someone smile to letting someone know it gets better, acts of kindness can have profound effects on the lives of others. But it's not often we get to see them beyond our everyday interactions. 

That changed for the man who helped a London woman named Farah.

A friend of Reddit user meerkatdebs sent the below photo to him, which is a note Farah wrote to a man who had helped her. He captioned it: "Never underestimate the power of small good deeds."

Apparently, she needed 20 pence (English currency) to pay for parking at the West Middlesex Hospital parking lot. 

He probably went on his way and thought that was that. But it wasn't. 

"Thank you to the man who gave me 20p in the car park at West Middlesex Hospital last Tuesday morning when I found myself short for parking," she wrote.

Then she revealed why she needed the money:

"Thanks to you I was able to see my father alive for the last time. He died that afternoon."

Never underestimate the power of small good deeds

We sure hope they get into contact. 



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