This Woman Found Her Husband In 140 Characters Or Less

He made her heart go "Twitter-patter."

It's a classic boy tweets girl story.


Well, technically, it's a "girl tweets bookstore Twitter account run by boy" story. 

In 2012, Victoria Carlin declared her love in less than 140 characters for "whoever is manning the" Oxford St. Waterstones Bookstore's Twitter account (now @WaterstonesTCR). 

She didn't think it would lead to anything, much less her own happily ever after.

To her surprise, Jonathan O'Brien, the mystery man behind the screen, actually responded.

While his tweet was less than encouraging, Carlin had been dared to get a date with the "Oxford St. guy." She wasn't about to fall out of love that easily.

They couldn't have realized it then, but that simple Twitter exchange set in motion a chain of events that would forever change both their lives. Two months after the virtual exchange, Carlin and O'Brien went on their first date. 

"It was easily the best first date I've ever been on (and hopefully the last first date I'll ever go on)," O'Brien told Mashable. "I brought a book of The Wizard of Oz as a present because Victoria had mentioned to me how much she loves the film."

According to Carlin, all it took was two tweets, three years, and one book (O'Brien's Horrorscopes: An Astrological Almanac) before the couple was "boom married!" this past weekend. 

Carlin celebrated her special day with — what else? — a classic "Jane Eyre" quote.


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