Man Stands Up For Woman Who Was Groped On The Bus And She Gave Him The Best 'Thank You'

"Thank you for saying something when that man grabbed me."

When a stranger sexually assaulted 30-year-old Kaitlyn Regehr on the bus, a friendly man had her back. With no name or contact information, she's now using social media to thank him. 

According to Regehr, a man grabbed her while on the bus at night. Instead of keeping quiet, like most people do during sexual assaults on public transportation, another man stood up and said something. Regehr shared what happened in a Facebook post, which also included a "Thank You" sign for her ally. 

"Thank you for saying something when that man grabbed me. Thank you for insisting that it was not acceptable. Most of all, thank you for asking him about the women in his life, his mother, his sister ... You said, "She could be your sister. She is someone's sister," and in doing so you made me a person. You made us a community," she wrote.  


"I thank you not just because you stood up for me, or because you made me feel safe, but because on your transit home — in this big, potentially anonymous city — you humanised assault. You didn't turn away. You took a stand. You said something."

She posted the status with the image on Oct. 7, hoping it reaches the man who helped her. 

In two days, her message has been shared more than 30,000 times. 

But Regehr's incident is not an isolated one. Multiple surveys and studies have proven that the majority of women have experienced some form of harassment, including a University at Albany survey that found 87 percent of women reported their harassment came from man and more than half of them said it involved touching, groping or being followed

As Rehehr's story proves, "seeing something, saying something" applies to creepy suitcases as well as assault. She not only wants to buy the man a pint for helping her, but she's also spreading an important message. 

"I am someone's sister," she wrote. "We all are. And us kids should all stand up for each other."



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