Woman Wore A Fitbit During Sex. This Is What Happened.

Science turned sexy.

Fitbit activity trackers: They're all the rage in the fitness world, counting steps and monitoring heart rates, among other functions. But apparently, Reddit user noveltysin discovered that the Fitbit's performance tracking capabilities aren't limited to PG-13 activities. 

She wore a Fitbit during sex and recorded her heart rate throughout the entire affair. 


2. Here were the results.

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Thanks to her input of what went on at particular moments, we can see that her heart rate was highest when she was receiving optimum pleasure. It lasted eight minutes. 

Although it's obvious that's what a heart rate typically will look like during sex, it's still interesting to see so quickly and easily what technology can do. But this woman isn't the first to get creative with the device. 

This June, a man recorded and graphed out his heart beats while proposing to his girlfriend. Naturally, his rate was highest right before the big moment.

We're not sure this is what Fitbit intended users to use the product for, but it sure is cool. 


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