Woman Sticks Her Arm In A Condom To Show No Man Is Too 'Big' Not To Wrap

Always wrap before you tap!

What started out as a informative sex ed joke turned into a condom crusade. 

An 18-year-old named Emily White from Utah shared an image of her fist stuck fully into a condom. The Utah native says the tweet started out as a joke — she was laughing with friends at the fact a condom was on her arm — but before she tweeted the images, she remembered her past experiences where men told her they were too "big" for a condom.

That's why she wrote the caption: "If a boy ever tells you he's too big for a condom, please send him this."

Though it started out as a joke, the tweet gained momentum, so she used the opportunity to educate. 

"I advocate safe sex and have done projects on it for school, so it was right up my alley," she told A Plus in an email.


While she told BuzzFeed news most women found the tweet funny, she received some objections from men. They understood her tweet to mean that one-size condoms fits all, which caused the backlash.

When asked if she would change her tweet to elaborate, since men can be too big for some condoms and it's important to wear a size that fits, she said that she may have altered her phrasing to indicate men that say they don't fit any condoms. 

In another tweet, which was a screenshot of a note on her iPhone, she further explained what she meant. 

"The point of the tweet wasn't about condoms that don't fit, it's about guys that refuse to wear condoms simply because they want unprotected sex," she wrote.

While her original tweet didn't point out that condoms can come in different sizes, she did address that no matter what size you are, there's still no excuse to skip wrapping.

Seven out of 10 unintended pregnancies occur in young women between the ages of 20 and 29 — and the responsibility falls on both parties having sex. (Also, STDS.) With perfect use, LiveScience cites that condoms can prevent pregnancy 98 percent of the time.

She responded to the naysayers on Twitter to set the record straight. 

Even with the responses on either end of the spectrum, she just hopes people understand that no matter what size you are, protection is vital.

"If a man knows he doesn't fit into traditional condoms, he needs to come prepared with protection that fits him comfortably or he needs to be prepared for his partner to decline intimacy," she told A Plus.

If you need help, here's a guide to finding out your condom size. 


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