Woman Drops More Than A Thousand In Cash, So Strangers Swoop In — To Save The Day

Now that's being a Good Samaritan.

When a woman dropped thousands in cash on a busy highway, it would have been easy for strangers to pick up a few bucks and walk away. But that wasn't the case in in Huyang City, China, last week. 

While Chen Miao scrambled to pick up what was equivalent to thousands of dollars in their currency of RMB, others helped her pick of the rest of the money and returned it to her.

All 3,700 RMB had been returned and it was all caught on film, which had been uploaded to YouKu, a Chinese video website.

Here's what happened.


First, we see the cash flying everywhere and the woman picking it up on the busy highway.

Then you can see people walking over to her with the rest of the blown-away cash.

Kindhearted strangers are the best kind.

Watch the full clip below:


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