Watch This Female Fighter Humiliate Her Attacker

Tap out, dude. Tap out.

It's ridiculous how most guys think they can beat up girls just because, well, they're girls. 

Let this video be a lesson. Just because the guy is bigger, doesn't mean he's a better fighter. 

Here's a girl named Gina, who's trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, taking down Paul, her backyard sparring partner. 

Gina's initial move is great, but it's what happens when Paul tries to fight back that makes this video special.

When Paul slams Gina into the grass two times, she gets upset. 

"Are we slamming now?" she asks. "We're going to play dirty?"

Big mistake, Paul. Huge.

Gina quickly throws him into an armbar submission, which seems both painful and humbling for poor Paul.

(H/T: Fan Sided)


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