Watch This Captivating Woman De-Age In Front Of Your Eyes


Since time immemorial, society has harbored a fixation for youth — whether maintaining, reclaiming or feigning it — and it is particularly evident in the entertainment industry. 

In a short video that would make any Hollywood plastic surgeon envious, digital compositor and VFX artist Rousselos Aravantinos made his first attempt at age-reduction visual effects on a model.

It features a tanned, blond woman and her visible aging signs are eliminated with the magic of visual effects.

The 30-second video is brief, but it's pretty darn fascinating.

Her wrinkles, lines, gray hair and eye bags are gone, but doesn't she look just as alluring with them as she does without?

Aravantinos edited the video with VFX software NUKE and stand-alone software utility mocha Pro. 

Watch his video here:


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