Why A Woman In Arizona Tried To Raise Money For Her Abortion Online

Her boyfriend named the page “Bailey’s Abortion Fund.”

You can crowd-fund resources to finance your watermelon holder business or for a police officer that allegedly shot an unarmed teen. But apparently, you cannot raise money for an abortion. At least not on the site GoFundMe.

According to VICE, a 23-year-old woman named Bailey became pregnant and did not want to be. So her friend created the fundraising page on her behalf and called it, "Bailey"s Abortion Fund." In an interview with the media site, she says that she's 20 weeks along and figured if people can ask for rent money, she can ask for abortion money.

However, GoFundMe took the page down — twice — and most likely due to the controversial nature of what she's asking for.

GoFundMe has not yet responded to A+'s request for comment.

"There have been moments when I almost had a panic attack or just was really, really taken aback at what kind of responses we"ve gotten: how many assumptions, how many projections, I guess how angry it makes people that this is something that we"re trying to do," she told VICE.

Despite the hate, she did have many supporters. Before the site took her page down, she had raised over half of her $2,500 goal, LifeNews reports.

"I"m hoping people will [donate], but it"s also totally fine if people don"t. I know if I saw something like this I"d be like, "I want to help this person to make sure they live the life they want to live,"" she said.

The U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision ruled that "a woman, in consultation with her physician, has a constitutionally protected right to choose abortion." And since then, abortions have decreased in the U.S. and reached a 30-year low last year.

Head over to VICE for the full story.



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