13 Hilarious Tweets Perfectly Explain The Real 'Privileges' of Playing The #WomanCard

"Does the #womancard get you airline points or cash back? Oh, just lower pay and street harassment? Cool!"

Yesterday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump won five primaries while Hillary Clinton won four. In a speech that night, Trump attributed Clinton's wins to one thing. "The only card she has is the woman card," he said. 

Clinton responded at a victory rally in Pennsylvania, saying, "Well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the 'woman card,' then deal me in."

She wasn't the only person who showed her hand. Many — both Clinton supporters and opponents — took to Twitter with #womancard to express their frustrations with and poke fun at Trump's statement. 

The resulting tweets were both harrowing and hilarious. All politics aside, real women and men used their voices in social media to highlight the pervasiveness of gender inequality in modern America. 


So, what does playing the #womancard get you? Not much, according to Twitter.

1. A HUGE discount on all dollars earned.

2. Self-confidence based on unwanted opinions about your physical appearance.

3. The right to vote (131 years after asking the other gender to give it to you, of course).

4. An overwhelming amount of choices that, don't worry, a man will pick for you.

5. Professional and personal woman-only perks.

6. The exclusive right to be treated as an object.

7. Slightly more privilege than a library card.

8. A priceless perspective on the miracle of life.

9. Determination to triumph over adversity (and public transportation).

10. Subconscious gender bias.

11. Cash back (to your employer) and airline points (because you never feel safe walking alone).

12. A mansplanation of everything you never realized the woman card had to offer.

13. And, of course, 227 years of the U.S. presidency.


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