When This Woman Saw A Stranger In Distress On The Subway, She Bravely Offered Her Hand

She knew exactly what he needed.

When most people see someone in distress in public, they avert their eyes or call someone else to help. But one mom flipped the script in Vancouver this week.

Commuter Ehab Taha said he was on Vancouver's Sky Train when a large man came onto the train and began acting erratically. 

"A six foot five man suffering from drug abuse and\or mental health issues was being very aggressive on the bus with erratic movements, cursing, shouting, etc.," Taha wrote in a Facebook post that has now gone viral. "While everyone was scared, this one seventy-year-old woman reached out her hand, tightly gripping his hand until he calmed down, sat down silently, with eventual tears in his eyes."

The woman, who hasn't been identified, said she was a mother and she could just tell he needed someone to touch.

"She didn't try to grab him or anything like that, she just reached out her hand and waited until he reached back. They just held hands for 15 or 20 minutes until he got to his stop," Taha told CTV News. "He sat down next to her, he calmed down and he stayed there silently, sitting on the floor." 

When the man got to his stop, he reportedly got up, looked at the woman and said, "Thanks, grandma."

After he left, Taha said he thanked the woman for her humanity and she immediately began crying. 

"I didn't want him to feel so alone," the woman explained to Taha. "I'm a mother, I have two sons around his age and life puts you in hard circumstances sometimes."


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