Doctors Discover That This 24-Year-Old Woman Was Born Without A Part Of Her Brain

The brain is a magical thing.


According to New Scientist, a Chinese woman from Shangdong Province was inducted into the hospital due to nausea and dizziness. A CT scan was performed and the doctors had a shocking revelation — the woman was born without a cerebellum.


The cerebellum is the portion of the brain — known as the "little brain" thanks to its miniaturized resemblance to a full brain — that controls fine motor skills and balance. But other than "mild motor deficiency and mild speech problems," there appears to be no major impact to her quality of life from having a portion of her brain missing.

Only nine other cases have ever been reported of this condition and the woman is the only one to date who has lived well into adulthood. In other words, she's a walking miracle! Doctors predict that other parts of her brain, likely the cortex, took over functions that the cerebellum would have ordinarily performed, demonstrating that mass in our skulls is pure magic.

h/t:New Scientist



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