'What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Sex'


Heartbreak is never easy, but sleeping with someone who breaks your heart can make things hurt that much more, making you question your worth and their intentions.

A woman relayed exactly what that feels like in a slam poem for BuzzFeed Yellow and the sincerity and truth in her words will make you feel like what happened to her happened to you. Maybe it did, which will make this hit home even more.

She specifically addresses the pain that can come from sex that isn't discussed in health classes: heartbreak and hurt.

"People want to talk about STIs of the physical kind. But no one wants to talk about the STIs that destroy your mind," she says. 

With thoughts like ...

Then her story evolves and we find out she had gotten pregnant. But even then, the other person still causes pain. 


Watch the full video below:


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