11 Statuses You Should Avoid Posting On Social Media

Some things don't have to be public.

People live a lot more publicly now than they did a decade or two ago. Internet presence is a tricky road to navigate, and it's easy to get a bit caught up in the spotlight social media shines on us. After all, why shouldn't everyone on the planet have access to that photo of you killing it in that bikini? Or that one of you going drink for drink with someone twice your size and still holding your own?

Online Classes created a fun infographic advising people to give a bit more consideration to their online reputations. After all, a whopping 79% of job recruiters say they check a candidate's online presence, and 70% say they've rejected a candidate because of what they found. Here are a couple reasons the infographic mentions that you probably shouldn't post that photo or status.


1. That status or tweet involves curses.

2. You remembered to smile but forgot to wear pants in that photo.

3. You're doing something illegal.

4. You're drunk right now.

5. You're about to share cryptic lyrics or poetry that's going to leave people concerned.

6. Your ex is in the photo.

7. It's a single empty word like "bored" or "hungry" or "tired."

8. You're trashing somebody.

9. You're sharing information that should probably stay between you and your doctor.

10. It's just to show people what you ate today.

11. It's a message you're really just trying to loudly share with one person.

Check out the step-by-step guide.


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