One Photographer's Passion For Putting Dogs In Costumes Turned Into A 45-Year Career

"It's something special, it's something unique."

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For William Wegman, putting dogs in human-like situations has become second nature for him.

Whether it's dressing them up in ball gowns, putting them in wigs, or having them wear hats, Wegman is known as the "dog photographer" to the world. For the last 45 years, he's photographed multiple Weimaraner dogs he's had. In a video from Great Big StoryWegman reflects on his decades of work as he continues working on dog photos.

"What I like people to see is, 'Yes, there's a dog, and yes, it's a Weimaraner, but what has it become?'" he says in the video. "The dogs are always in a state of becoming something."

These days, Wegman only has two dogs, Flo and Topper, to put in all sorts of different costumes. And because he believes that dogs are always in the process of becoming something, Wegman's work continues to stand out.

"They let you do it," he said. "It's something special, it's something unique. It happens only when we go to the studio and there's an arena established for this activity."

Wegman's work has been featured on shows such as Sesame Street, inside children's books, and has inspired a new generation of dog projects such as The Dog Photobooth and The Dog Photographers.

While he once considered transitioning out of dog photography, Wegman is grateful with where he is now and will continue to be for a long time.

"There was a time when I felt like I was nailed to the dog cross," he said. "I wanted to escape that. Now, I'm kind of comfortable with that and I feel really lucky to have this." 

Watch Wegman's work in action below:


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