Will Ferrell Crashed An Interview With Roger Federer Like Only Will Ferrell Could

"Are you a witch or a vampire?"

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer is currently defending his Australian Open title in Melbourne. On Tuesday, he won his first round against Slovenian player Aljaz Bedene. But you don't have to be a tennis fan to appreciate Will Ferrell crashing Federer's post-match interview to channel his Anchorman persona Ron Burgundy and ask a few ridiculous questions.

Former tennis champ John McEnroe introduced the comedian, who walked out to cheers from the crowd before immediately (and intentionally) getting McEnroe's name wrong. He went on to compare Federer's on-court performance to "a silky gazelle."

"Don't they get eaten at the end?" Federer quipped.

"Not if they're fast enough," Ferrell responded.

Ferrell went on to ask Federer if he's "a witch or a vampire," since he doesn't seem to age. He also made sure to theme a couple of questions to their Australian setting, recommending Federer try wombat meat and adopting an Aussie accent to imitate how the crowd chants the player's name.

Federer continued to prove his quickness not only on the court, but also against Ferrell's wacky interview style. "They remind me of my name," he said. "At an older age, you start forgetting your own name at times."

This isn't the first time Ferrell has shown up to something sports-related. Last year, he joined Drake for a sketch at the NBA Awards, in which they taught a group of players a few celebratory handshakes. In 2015, he played nine positions for 10 MLB teams in one day, in order to raise money and awareness for cancer research.

See the entire silly interview for yourself below:

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