Will Ferrell Comes Up With The Weirdest Answers To Jimmy Fallon's Rapid-Fire Questions

"Why is the sun so hot?" "Yellow."

Jimmy Fallon definitely knows how to pick the right celebrity guests for each of his many Tonight Show games. On Monday night, the host invited Will Ferrell to play a game called Think Fast! As we soon discovered, he was the perfect choice.

The premise of the game is that Fallon and Ferrell go back and forth asking each other questions, and they have to respond immediately with whatever pops into their head. As you can imagine, Ferrell comes up with some pretty ridiculous responses. At first, they're short answers:

"Why is the sun so hot?"


"What are birds made out of?"


"What was Elvis' first word?"


But things only get weirder and more complex from there, as Ferrell explains that he was late for Fallon's wedding "because my dad said, knock it off." And when it comes time to name two firemen, the comedian doesn't disappoint: "There's Captain Ron and Cecil." Once you're done giggling over that, just wait until you hear the name of his first kiss. Or rather, the sound of it.


Hear every delightfully weird answer in the video below:

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