Taylor Swift Parody Was Made For Tired Mamas Everywhere

"Chapped lips and sticky cheeks. Piles of laundry again. Life with kids is hard, but a mom can dream."


Even the best moms dream of having a day all to themselves without having to worry about the kids. 

Danielle Murray and her husband Jon parodied Taylor Swift's hit song "Wildest Dreams" to reflect some of these mommy wishes. In their version, "A Mom Can Dream," an exhausted Danielle struggles to keep up with kids and fantasizes about a day without them. 

"I can shower daily if I want to. Get highlights in my hair, watch movies that I choose. I can pee with no one else around," she sings. "Leaving home whenever. I see other adults now. When you call, I don't have to yell. I hear you so well."

Instead, her life consists of spilled cups, tons of housework, and no sleep. The video is relatable to any mom and very well done. 

"We know the long days are well worth it, and one day — when the kids have moved out — we can do all of those things we miss," the Murrays wrote in the video's description. "So don't stop dreaming, mamas!"

Compare it to Swift's original song below:

(H/T: Huffington Post

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