Zoologists Are Posting Pictures Of Animal Butts To See Who's Got The Most Impressive Bum

#WildBum is the greatest thing to happen since #JunkOff

The animal kingdom is full of variety and majesty. From the gorgeous fur patterns of the cheetah, to the thick armor of the rhinoceros, to the amazing anatomy of the giraffe, there is much to be in awe of. 

But there is one animal body part you've perhaps overlooked โ€” the bum. 

Zoologists on the other hand know that every part of an animal is worth studying and appreciating.  

In fact, for some species, the booty serves an evolutionary purpose other than just allowing them to defecate. For example, a baboon's rear end can help attract potential mates. 

To give animal butts the attention they deserve, and to see which animal has the best bum, zoologists and friends have taken to Twitter using the

Check out some animal bums below: 


(H/T: LifeBuzz


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