Man Leads Wild Goose To Water With His Truck In Amazing Video

Has to make you wonder...

You've heard of dog whisperers, horse whisperers and maybe even the shark whisperers. But what about a goose whisperer?

It appears we may have found our man. 

In a recent YouTube video, Canadian resident Andre Bachman filmed a fascinating encounter he had with a goose. But as opposed to the sometimes aggressive Canadian geese you might be familiar with, this one seemed to have a sense of understanding and interest with the man. 


First, they had a little greeting.

Then, when he went to drive off, the goose followed.

But that was just the beginning...

The goose actually took flight next to his truck.

When he stopped, so did the goose.

But when he drove off again, you guessed it...

Eventually, though, the goose found what it was looking for. Check out the journey in the video below:


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