Why Wearables?

They’re Fashion Forward, Functional, and Won’t Get Lost at the Bottom of Your Bag.

The world of wearables has split in two, according to a panel at SXSW – and one branch is getting bigger, bolder, and more fashionable.

While the tech world fixates on making its products ever-smaller, the smart money is on fashion, says Intel director of wearables, Sandra Lopez.

When it comes to wearables, the technology is starting to be designed with women in mind, with companies like Swarovski and Burberry getting into the game. 

Big connected bangles work for the working woman, and never get lost in the bottom of your bag. Especially when your connected bangle has its own dial in. Yes you heard that right – if someone is a "very very very important person" said Lopez, make sure to get the number for their bracelet.

The other side of the wearables world is the impressive amount of data that can be gathered from your body. Travis Bogard from Fitbit sees wearable devices as  24/7 companions, mostly silent except when a specific set of conditions presents itself. In the not-too-distant future, Bogard envisions "enterprise" wearables that allow companies to see if, for example, their employees are getting enough sleep.

Privacy, anyone?


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