Here’s Why All Watches Are Advertised Showing The Same Exact Time

No, it's not because of the Illuminati.

If you haven't noticed, watches in ads are always set to the same exact time, no matter the brand.


That time is 10:10.

The reason has nothing to do with brainwashing or the Illuminati, but rather an unwritten rule in advertising.

According to The New York Times, it's because "brand names generally are centered on the upper half of a watch."

Andrew Block, executive vice president at Tourneau, told the Times this is done in order to "frame the brand and logo." He continued: "It's almost like an unwritten rule that everyone understands to photograph a watch a 10:10."

It also tends to look like a smiley face, which conveys happy vibes.

Susanne Hurni, head of Ulysse Nardin's advertising and marketing, explained to the Times in the same article, "It has the aesthetic of the smiley face to be 10 past 10, so we try whenever possible to opt for that."

However, since some watches have secondary dials, an exception is occasionally made.

So the next time you see a watch ad, you'll be sure to notice the time.

And now you know why...


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