People Answer #WhyIAmSingle With Hilarious Responses Many Can Relate To

"I missed out when it was raining men."

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is known for producing great television, but also for his hashtags. There are plenty of funny ones to choose from, but #WhyImSingle is a fan favorite that Fallon helped popularize (especially around Valentine's Day).

Singles everywhere are using the hashtag to share the funny and insightful reasons they are single. Many are so relatable, and show that people aren't afraid to laugh at themselves, and also to celebrate their singledness. That said, most seem very ready to find their special someone. 

Keep scrolling down to see 17 of the funniest #WhyImSingle tweets.


1. The person who is planning for their furry future.

2. The person who is hoping for a change.

3. The person who relaxed a bit too much.

4. The person who makes their texts more entertaining.

5. The person who couldn't multitask.

6. The person who is a passionate animal lover.

7. The person who loves their PJs.

8. The person who wants to ensure they get their 8+ hours.

9. The person who knows how to compliment a chef.

10. The person who is all about the fine print.

11. The person who found a surprising addition.

12. The person who didn't forward that one message.

13. The person who wants to know about the Sorting Hat first and foremost.

14. The person who isn't going to let an adorable moment go to waste.

15. The person who asked for a simple favor.

16. The person who wants an '80s romance.

17. The person who can feel The Force.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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