Emmy-Nominated Female Comedians Discuss Why Men Just Aren't Funny

"It's hard for me to see them as funny because I see men as so sexual."

Why aren't women funny? The real question, according to these Emmy-nominated female comedians, is why aren't men funny? 

In a video for People.com, the likes of Kate McKinnon, Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish), Alison Janney (Mom), Samantha Bee, Niecy Nash (Getting On) flip the script on the (still!) oft-held belief that women aren't as funny as men.


The women used arguments that many men have said about women — that they're too one dimensional.

Or their voices too shrill.

Or that attractive women can't be funny.

Although society is coming around to the shocking fact that someone's gender has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to make people laugh, there still are men out there who believe that women are not, cannot, or should not be funny.

But tell that to these accomplished, respected women who, even in 2016, still have to put up with comments like these. 

Watch the full video here:


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