Mom Thanks The Flight Attendant Who Comforted Her 4-Month-Old During A Crying Fit

"In comes the hero of the day."

Traveling with infants is never easy, and most anything can set off those tears. And while no one can blame a baby for making some noise, passengers aren't usually too pleased. Mom Whitney Poyntz found herself in such a situation when her 4-month-old daughter began to cry on a WestJet flight from Palm Springs, California to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 


Just when "all hell was about to break loose," a flight attendant named Ashley came to the rescue.

The mom explained in an open letter to WestJet on Facebook that Ashley offered to take her crying daughter and walk up and down the aisles with her until she stopped.

"My husband, 4-month-old daughter and I were travelling home from our holiday on April 19 (Palm Springs to Calgary flight 1475). Our daughter was asleep when we boarded so we figured it would be an easy peasy flight, man were we wrong .... Once the captain came on the intercom it woke her up, which is obviously no one's fault. After being nursed back to sleep the headphones went in and we turned on our movies. About 30 mins later all hell broke loose. Not sure if it was gas or maybe pressure, but we did not have a happy baby, unfortunately those seats aren't made for rocking or trying to put a baby back to sleep. Eyes glaring, sweat dripping down our foreheads, trying to get her back to sleep, in comes the hero of the day ... a flight attendant named Ashley. Ashley came up to us and asked if she could take her and walk up and down the isle ... first thought in my head was 'umm a stranger wants to walk my screaming child up and down the isle?!?!' But she did and got her calmed down. Now it may not seem like a lot but the experience was amazing. Never would I ever think someone would ever do that, volunteer to take your screaming child, but she did. WestJet (Ashley) I would like to thank you for the over and above customer service (baby whispering) that you gave, truly the greatest airline."

As Poyntz explains in her letter, the simple act might not seem like much to some, but to any parent who is struggling to soothe their child, it means the world.

Other families wholeheartedly agree. Since the mom from Calgary wrote her letter on April 20, it has received over 89,000 likes.

And there are more parents who have thanked other flight attendants, and even passengers, who coming to their aid when their babies were upset. Another viral story featured a Southwest Airlines flight attendant blowing bubbles to calm an upset baby ,while another mom praised a "selfless" flight attendant who helped calm her 9-year-old with anxiety and diabetes on a different Southwest flight.

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