8 Football Helmets Show The Absurdity Of Racism In Sports


It is still common in professional and college sports to see Native Americans exploited as mascots, especially in the case of the NFL team in Washington that refuses to change its derogatory name and helmet.

Oklahoma-based artist Matthew Bearden turned the tables on the sports teams by creating the Sacred Mascots collection, which features football helmets with White people on them.

"All I wanted to do was to get people to talk about it and see it for another angle," Bearden said to Mic.

Here are eight of Bearden's outstanding football helmets that show how silly it is to use racial stereotypes as mascots in 2015:


1. The Pope on a helmet.

2. It's a political cartoon on a helmet.

3. Maybe this should be the Washington helmet?

4. This one has two sides.

5. A devil of a helmet.

6. Patrick Swayze looks good on a helmet.

7. This one is trying to send a message.

8. Another gem in this helmet collection.

(H/T: Mic)


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