White House Announces All U.S. Veterans And Families To Get In-State Tuition

The move is part of President Obama's "steadfast commitment" to veterans.

The White House announced Wednesday that U.S. military veterans and their families will be eligible for in-state tuition costs for public universities across the country. 

According to Reuters, officials said the news was purposely announced on Veterans Day. The initiative comes as part of President Obama's commitment to helping those who serve in the military. A new school and benefit comparison tool has been released to help the vets find programs that fit them best. 

The overall goal is to make sure veterans not only have the opportunity to go to school, but will be accepted into competitive programs, too. Veterans already have access to education through the GI Bill, but that only fully covers for-profit colleges. The bill previously covered up to 80 percent of public college tuition

"These pieces of legislation will really ensure that veterans have the opportunities and assistance to ... realize the American dream," Cecilia Munoz, a top domestic policy adviser, told Reuters on a conference call.

(H/T: Philly Voice)

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