White House's New Sexual Assault Campaign is Exactly What America Needs

It's on all of us to stop sexual assault.

The White House unveiled a campaign against sexual assault today using a video that even President Obama appears in.

The video which help spread word of the initiative, called "It's On Us," features public figures from Vice President Joe Biden to renowned actors and actresses such as Scandal's Kerry Washington, Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Friday Night Lights' Connie Britton.

Each repeated a message which is driving the campaign: It's on us.

"It's on us to stop sexual assault, to get in the way before it happens, to not blame the victim ... to not look the other way," the video says, eliciting that everyone must play a part to prevent assault.

Per the White House's fact sheet, they explain that they feel the effort will play a huge role in preventing cases, citing the latest CDC report that show bystander intervention plays a huge role in prevention.

In addition, the itsonus.org website has an online pledge for people to commit to stopping sexual assault in writing. The Washington Post reports that VP Biden will also hold a roundtable discussion on domestic violence this Friday.

On the heels of over 55 colleges getting hit with sexual assault and rape investigations, over 200 have pledged to join the White House's campaign as well as the NCAA, who pledged their support and will air the ad during championship games.

Given the frequency of cases like these getting swept under the rug and victims failing to get justice, it's refreshing to see the government step in and prioritize the matter.

Are you in?

(H/T: Washington Post)



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