We Can't Stop Looking At These White Henna And Temporary Tattoos

So elegant.

Messing around with temporary body art is always fun, but this latest trend makes henna, temporary tattoos and flash tats look seriously elegant. 


Women are using white "ink" to complete their outfits.

These white henna and temporary tattoos are as equally eye-catching as they are beautiful. They're particularly a perfect choice if you're not one for permanent ink, but love to mix up your look. You can try different styles in different places or a bunch at once. 

Take a look at some photos of this trend and reasons to love it:

1. They're perfect for open-back dresses.

2. And look amazing on any skin tone.

3. You can skip putting on jewelry when you wear them.

4. Or find designs that compliment your rings and necklaces perfectly.

5. You can add gorgeous temporary art to any part of your body without any help.

6. They add to the elegance of simple white dresses.

7. Just because winter is approaching, doesn't mean your style has to suffer. You can wear this temporary ink on your hands, fingers and wrists.

8. They even look great on your arms.

9. And your feet!

(H/T: Elite Daily

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