People Shared How They Learned To Love Themselves, And Their Advice Is Brilliant

People share Make 2016 all about self-love.

It's January, which means you've probably thrown your resolution to the wind and woken up in a Nutella-filled daze by now. It's OK, we've used gym membership cards to scoop out the last globs in the jar before, too. But instead of making this year (or this lifetime, really) about lofty, outward-focused self-improvement, how about trying something different?

People who focused on loving and embracing themselves in 2015 shared how they did it using theWhisper app, an online platform where people can anonymously post their confessions and secrets. The lessons they learned, and advice they have to offer, are incredibly honest, and often easier said than done. But they're quite relatable, and hopefully by seeing you're not alone, you can find that extra push you need to really embrace your full self.

Below are a few pieces of advice pulled from Whisper. 


Cover image via  nd3000  I Shutterstock


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