Confessions Of People Suffering From Anxiety Might Hit A Little Too Close To Home

You are not alone.

Anxiety disorders can manifest in a variety of ways, but "collectively they are among the most common mental disorders" in America, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). 

They are so common, in fact, that about 40 million Americans, 18 years old and over, are affected. It's likely you, or someone you know has experienced anxiety, and sometimes the most helpful thing is to simply know you are not alone. 

One way to feel more connected to others with anxiety is to visit Whisper, an online platform where people can anonymously post confessions. Though Whisper, people have shared their experiences living with anxiety, and how it affects their lives. Recently, BuzzFeed compiled just a few of these confessions in a video, making for a powerful reminder of just how many people suffer from these debilitating feelings.

"I hate how my anxiety makes me feel like I'm drowning in normal day situations," confesses one person. "My anxiety is so severe, that the mere thought of leaving the house can get me stressed sick and want to cry," says another. 

One of the more common thoughts experienced by people with anxiety is reflected in one person's confession who says. "I have anxiety, and I'm nervous that if I get treatment, I won't be the same anymore."

While this might be a common fear, it's important to know that anxiety disorders are highly treatable and there are many different avenues and types of treatment. It just takes finding the right one that works for you. To learn more about different forms of treatment, and how to seek help, visit here. 


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