12 People Who Married Young Talk Honestly About What They Love ... And Regret

All of them have one thing in common: they're sticking with it.

There's a long-standing idea about people who choose to marry at a young age, namely, that it's a terrible mistake that will cause lasting damage to both parties and end in divorce. Despite that, many people still choose to follow their hearts and marry in their late teens or early 20s, often citing a kind of inexplicable gnosis that those around them don't always understand. As with all marriages, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't,  but young marriages always seem to suffer from more outside skepticism than even, say, second or third (or fourth or fifth) marriages, even though young couples probably need more outside emotional support than anyone else.

These confessions all come from people who've married young via the Whisper app. While most have no regrets — or at least none that they confess — some still have lingering anxieties about the things that they might be missing out on. 

Whether "young" or "old," every marriage is a commitment. Here's a look at some of the inner lives of those who've made that commitment early in their lives. We hope it will help you honor your commitments, both big and small. 


We married young. They thought we wouldn


People tell me I threw my life down the drain because I married young, but I married my best friend and have never been happier


Just because I married young doesn


I married young and we are still crazy about each other. He


My happiness comes from my husband. We got married young. We explored the world together. He taught me how to love myself. I never needed to date a bunch of guys to know he is and forever will be The One for me.


I met my husband when I was 15 and we married 4 years later. Everyone said we


Some people don


I will never regret getting married young. It grounded me, I planted my roots, and I didn


Getting married young doesn


Getting married young doesn




I got married at a young age because I knew I wanted to be with one woman forever. She is my soul. I can

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