See What Happens When This Girl Reads The Names Of Her Boyfriend's YouTube Videos

This guy is a mastermind.

Every girl wonders: What's it gonna be like?

Popping THE question puts a huge stress on the proposing side. But it seems like it's best to stay your true self and go with the flow, just like this wise YouTuber did.

WheezyWaiter, or Craig Benzine as his true friends call him, embraced his geeky vlogger-self and decided to propose to his girlfriend with a YouTube video. But Craig went above and beyond with his idea: it took him three months of careful planning to finally get the result.

It was worth it. We are all sobbing here.

Benzine, who is normally all about beards, coffee, and weird things, truly put his mind into naming his every video to finally spell out "Chyna Will You Marry Me?".

Slow clap, Craig, slow clap for your awesomeness.

Wheezy Waiter/YouTube

(H/T: Mashable)

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