Wheelz The Bunny Is like The Next Tony Hawk With His Prosthetic Skateboard Legs

Get him in the X Games.

Wheelz the bunny had an unfortunate accident when he was even tinier than he is now.


As explained on YouTube, Wheelz was attacked and bitten by an older rabbit.

He was then left for dead outside of his nest, when his new family found him nearly frozen to death.

And he certainly loves them for finding and saving him.

While we've seen paralyzed animals get a second chance with prosthetics before, we've never seen a prosthetic skateboard. Look at him go!

When Jason Ambrosino and his wife Sonja first found Wheelz, they weren't even sure he was still alive.

They explained to Buzzfeed, "My wife went in there, scooped him up, and wasn't sure if he was still alive...Then she saw his nose move."

Now Wheelz calls Overlook Acres his new home, which is in upstate New York.

Jason explained that they made the "wheelchair out of a finger skateboard, a sock, and a bra strap, all from the dollar store."

You can watch Wheelz and his awesome skateboard below.

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