13 People Share How They'd Fill Their Days If They Never Had To Work

Take time to do the things you love.

So many of us are preoccupied with planning for our futures, saving money, and even thinking about retirement. But what would we do if we never had to work another day again? It's a nice fantasy to think about, but while such a situation may be hypothetical, giving it serious thought may shed light on what it is you truly love to do. 

For some of us, the answer may be that we'd travel the world. For others, not having to work could mean spending more time with friends and family. And, hey, maybe we would pick up an old hobby. 

Recently, one Redditor asked the question," If you did not need to go to work tomorrow, or ever again, what would you fill your days with after the novelty wore off?" 

Check out some of our favorite responses below.

1. Become a zamboni driver.

2. Dish out barbeque.

3. Spend time with loved ones.

4. Find your interests.

5. Make stuff.

6. Marry and travel the world.

7. Help others follow their dreams.

8. Build an observatory.

9. Fly away.

10. Solve mysteries, find treasure.

11. Write it out.

12. Start a buisness in something you love.

13. Go back to your dream job.

Cover photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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