Fans Of These TV Shows Are 'Better People,' Says New Study

Research compared TV show habits to level of empathy.

Who knew that what you watched on television could say so much about you?

A new study published in the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts found people who watched TV dramas like "Mad Men" or "The West Wing" scored higher on a test designed to gauge empathy.

The researchers took two groups of people and had one watch "Mad Men" or "The West Wing" while the other watched  nonfiction shows like "How the Universe Works" or "Shark Week." They found that people who watched fictional drama television rated higher on their "emotional intelligence" test than the people who spent time watching nonfiction. 

To flesh out the results a bit, researchers tried again with "The Good Wife" and "Lost" for dramas and "Nova" and "Through the Wormhole" for nonfiction shows. Apparently, the results were the same. 

Certainly, the study and research need some more vetting, but for now we're going to file this as a perfectly good reason to brag about your TV show watching habits. 


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