Comedians Poke Fun At All The Awkward Conversation We Make In Ubers

"Has it been a busy night?"

You've probably been there: you get in your Uber, buckle up, and immediately feel the need to make awkward conversation with your driver.

So to poke a little fun at us all, Australian comedians Danny and Sean uploaded a hilarious video to YouTube featuring all of our go-to conversation starters including: "So how long have you been driving Uber?" and "Has it been a busy night?" 

But perhaps our favorite line is the one in regards to music:

"Hey, do you have an AUX cable? I want to play, like, the first half of about six songs but none all the way through."


Be sure to watch the complete video below but just a heads up — it includes NFSW language.

(H/T: Mashable)


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