13 Things You Didn't Know About The Disney World Princesses

"~*~UnLiMiTeD MaGiC fEeLiNgS 4Evr~*~"

Sure, you've watched every Disney movie, dressed up as every character for Halloween and have every autograph in your signature book, but how well do you really know the Disney Princesses? We're talking the real-life ones, the women that "suit up" every day and put on a smile for massive crowds simply because ~*magic*~.

Thanks to Reddit user too-tsunami, we have an idea. The former four-year Disney Princess veteran let the world get a glimpse into the life of a Disney World character through her experiences -- including the following 13 niblets of information -- in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

It's not all gumdrops and glitter, but the former Pocahontas, Mulan and Silvermist did not disappoint.

13. They aren't allowed to sing unless they're contracted to do so in a show.

"There are certain people who sing as the princesses (Belle in the Beauty & the Beast show at Hollywood studios, for example), but they are under an equity contract," says too-tsunami.

12. They can be friends and often reference one another to guests.


11. They learn each others' signatures.

According to too-tsunami: "One of my best friends is Tigger & Goofy & he knows every single Princess signature, just because he da real autograph MVP. Also he gets bored."

10. They even accidentally sign their real life receipts with it.

"You eventually get handed paper and do it without thinking." Makes sense.

9. They get asked really strange questions, like...

"Mulan, how you say elephant in Spanish?"


Le sigh.

8. And see many weird things.

This isn't even as weird as it gets.

7. They're experts at talking to themselves.


"Most kids are shy when they come up to meet you. In all honesty, I've had thousands of conversations with people where I'm the only one talking. I'm proud of that."

6. They are required to watch their movie during their training.

Can you say, dream job?

5. They play pranks on each other.


"One time in the break room I saw Cinderella & Snow White fit comfortably under Tiana's dress & when Belle came around the corner they popped out & scared her."

4. They get hit on.

"I'd get slipped the occasional phone number on a napkin, but nothing ridiculous has ever happened. But it's probably a different story for the Princess Jasmines, who are wearing just a bra & parachute pants."

3. They'll take a photo with just about anyone.

Just no serial killers, please.

2. They LOVE pizza rolls.


A Redditor asked her: Tell me princess, now when did you last let your heart decide? To which she responded: "My heart just decided to eat pizza rolls at 1:51 AM"

And most importantly...

1. They will keep the magic alive at all costs -- even if the kids are skeptical.


"If i was ever upset about something in my life, there would be at least one child/parent who would be so awesome & make me remember how great the job is."

No shame in her princess game.


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