7 Bizarre Things Your Body Can Do After You're Already Dead


Death is a touchy topic most of us like to ignore, but the science behind what happens to the body afterward is pretty fascinating. After death, certain bodily functions still carry on. 

Check out a few things your body can do after you die: 


1. Skin cells will live on for days.

Skin cells are used to functioning on the outer parts of your body, so they're able to live for days after your death. 

2. Your body changes color.

First it turns green, then purple, then black.

3. Your skin loses moisture.

For a long time, people thought that hair and nails continue to grow after you die. But it actually only seems that way because the rest of you is shrinking. 

When you no longer have blood flowing through your body, skin loses its moisture. It shrinks and is pulled back, revealing more of the hair and nails you had while alive. 

4. You can pee and poop.

Most muscles in your body relax after death. Once the muscles that constrict your bladder and bowels relax, your body can expel any waste it's been carrying around. 

5. You'll groan.

If there's still air in your lungs after death, groans, moans, sighs and other noises can come out of you. That can only happen if someone applies pressure to your chest or moves your body, though. 

6. Your wrinkles disappear.

Once you die, your muscles lose all tension. That means they'll stop pulling your skin, leaving you wrinkle free. 

7. Men can have an erection.

Yep, thanks to blood pooling in particular areas after death and muscle contractions, erections can happen. Ejaculation can also happen after death. 

(H/T: Medical Daily

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