What Flavor is Your Brain?

Scan your Brain and Eat it too at SXSW 2015

This SXSW, The CW brought fan favorite comic series iZombie to life with an interactive experience to tantalize the senses of even the most decrepit undead.

Activated live at Party Til You're Undead in Austin, The CW partnered with neural mapping company Emotiv, and production house Thinkingbox, to produce individualized brain scans. Each participant was fitted with an Emotiv EEG headband to receive their unique cerebral reading, which was broadcast onto monitors visible throughout the venue and then made shareable.

Following the scan, participants were able to "eat their brains" by selecting a delicious 3D printed brain-shaped candy, based on their distinct brain flavor profile.

iZombie makes its series debut onTuesday, March 17, (9:00-10:00pm ET), on the CW Network.


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