Things Mature People Do That Immature People Don’t

"Mature people understand it's entirely reasonable to change your opinion when presented with facts or evidence."

We're all getting older. However, not everyone grows up. While some people mature appropriately with their age, others progress emotionally at a much slower pace. But what do mature people do that immature people don't? One Reddit user posed this exact question to the online community, with many people chiming in with their opinions on what sets a mature person apart.   

Here are just some examples of what mature people do that allows them to stand out among their more immature peers. Learning the ways mature people handle situations can help us all grow emotionally. Because no matter how mature you may be, we all have our moments of immaturity here and there, too. 


1. First and foremost, mature people accept responsibility for their actions.

2. They don't brag about their beliefs and disregard for others' opinions.

3. Mature people treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve.

4. They are open to new information and will change their opinion if necessary.

5. Mature people welcome criticism and use it to improve themselves regularly.

6. They're careful with their money and think of the future before they splurge.

7. Mature people don't blame others for their problems and learn from their mistakes.

8. They don't hold grudges and constantly work to help others better themselves.

9. Mature people think before they speak and are always conscious of their audience.

10. They don't fight needless battles and they accept differences of opinion.

11. Mature people don't try to rationalize their position when they're wrong.

12. They take their responsibilities seriously and behave like the adults they are.

13. Mature people recognize how precious time can be and are never wasteful.

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