Does Your Dog Really Love You? Or Are They Just Hungry? This Ecologist Answers.

An amazing exploration of what's happening inside animals heads.

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Well, ecologist Carl Safina thinks he knows.

During a recent Ted Talk, Safina explored the mystery and wonder of what is going on inside the heads of animals we know and love the most, as well as animals that we may not consider being intelligent creatures. 

For instance, Safina references an experiment where crayfish were shocked every time they went to get food. Once the creature had anxiety about going to eat, they gave it the same kind of anxiety medicine humans are given. Guess what happened? The crayfish relaxed and began coming back out again.

From sea otters teaching to killer whales sharing food to apes and octopuses using tools, Safina takes us on a journey through animal consciousness.

And, of course, he answers the most important question of them all: Does your dogs really love you? Or are they just hungry?


Find out in the video below:


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