Here's What It Would Be Like If People Announced Their Divorce Like They Do Engagements

"I'm just really glad that for the rest of my life, when I wake up in the morning, I don't have to see that face."

There's one life-changing event that can sometimes merit even more celebration than an engagement, yet we never see announcements for it on our Facebook feeds.  


Seriously, when's the last time you raised your glass for someone who decided enough was enough? Ending a sh*tty marriage that just wasn't meant to be is a big step and a tough one to take. When it feels right, the decision totally warrants some congratulations. 

The people behind comedy network Above Average imagined what it would be like if people announced their divorce to friends in the same way people announced their engagement. In the Above Average video, two couples sit together at dinner and share their excitement over the news.  

"Everyone has been wondering when this was going to happen," the still-happily-married woman says. "I mean, you guys have been unhappily married for what, like, eight years?" 

"Yeah, eight long years," the soon-to-be divorced man replies. 

"Now my mom is going to be asking when are you two going to be getting divorced. TIck-tock, tick-tock, you know," the still-happily-married man says. "I'm not getting any younger," his wife adds. 

The video is bound to make you chuckle. Check it out above. 

(H/T: Huffington Post


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